Announcement of Results

The AYF organizing committee would like to thank all those who applied for the 2009 AYF summit in Manila. Your application to AYF is already in itself a manifestation that our young people are trying their best to be agents of change. Sad to say, we cannot accommodate all the applicants because of our financial and logistics limitations. With our deepest regrets and heavy hearts, we have to choose only those applicants who we feel are fit at this point. 

We have already notified the successful applicants and we have sent them their letter of acceptance. If you have not received a request to join, we regret to inform you that you were not able to be considered for AYF this year.  We had to choose only 80 people from a large pool of 250 applicants. 

 We wish to thank all those who submitted their applications and we hope that those people who could not join us this year can do so possibly next year. Even if you were not accepted to join the conference, you can still take part and support AYF in whatever ways you can. Please do not hesitate to contact us. To those who were accepted, congratulations and we are looking forward to seeing you this December. Please be informed that the committee will not entertain inquiries regarding the results of the screening.


The 7th Asian Youth Forum
 Manila, Philippines
December 1-6, 2009


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The Philippines is an archipelago located in Southeast Asia (longitude: 122° 00 E and  latitude: 13° 00 N ). It is surrounded by water comprising 7,107 islands and islets. On the  east is the Pacific Ocean, on the west is South China Sea. See Philippine Map. The northernmost group of islands in the Philippines is Batanes which is only 190 kilometers from Taiwan, while the southernmost island of Tawi-Tawi, is a mere 60 kilometers away from Borneo.
Land area: 115,830 square miles or 300,000 square kilometers.
Highest peak: Mt. Apo in the island of Mindanao is 2,954 meters or 9,691 feet above sea level.
Population: 88.5 million as of August 2007 (Projected to be 92 million in 2009)
Currency: Peso (PHP) Philippine Peso Currency Converter for the latest exchange rates.
Official Languages: Pilipino and English
Capital City: Manila (Metro Manila is the National Capital Region or NCR)

Trivia #5

This is the most popular and best known of the Philippine dances and honored as the Philippine national dance. The dance imitates the movement of birds as they walk between grass stems, run over tree branches, or dodge bamboo traps set by rice farmers. What is the name of the dance? If you know the answer, email it to antpsych(at) Small token courtesy of AYF awaits the lucky winner who can first provide the correct answer. Previous winners need not answer. 

Trivia #4

This is the flag of the Republic of the Philippines. The three stars symbolize the three major islands of the country namely Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Congratulations to Igor from Russia.

Did you know that?

The dwarf pygmy goby (Pandaka pygmaea) is a tropical freshwater fish of the family Gobiidae. It is one of the smallest fish in the world by mass, and is also one of the shortest freshwater fish. Mature males can reach up to 1.1 cm, while the females can grow up to 1.5 cm. Average weight is from 4 to 5 mg. It is known as bia and tabios in the Philippines. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Video courtesy of Philippine Department of Tourism


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